App Hero Recycle to increase the efficiency of your recycling business

Reach to recycled waste sending around you

The general public, businesses, and shops are looking for waste buyers near them. Would it be better? If all the waste is on your screen every day without having to find and you have the right to choose to accept or reject it.

Connecting all types of recyclers

From small salesmen to recycling plants, you are a heart in bringing materials back into the system. We connect everyone with your customized customer-partner system. Don't waste your time with non-real customers.

Good price selling even if have small quantity

You don't have to wait for hundreds of tons of stuff to get a high price. With the Group Selling system, you always get the best price.

User example

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  • Support recipients of all types of recycled materials

  • Reach to the public, malls, waste separators near you.

  • Secure with your customized partner match system

  • Connecting all types of recycling businesses from Saleng to factories